New Hampshire Red

Mad Swiss Farms

Natural Food. Eat to Live!

The New Hampshire is enjoyed for their early feathering, fast growth, and maturity as well as large egg size and good meat conformation. This is one of our trial breeds for 2015
Beltsville Small White Turkeys
This breed was developed specifically for smaller, urban households who wanted a bird that was meaty, well-finished and free from dark pin feathers. Today the Beltsville Small White is quite rare.
Large Black Pigs
The Large Black is ideally suited to small farms and sustainable agriculture operations.Due to micro-marbling of intra-muscular fat, the Large Black is extremely moist, juicy and flavourful. We will also have a nice cross with the Large Black and our Landrace/Yorkshire gilts
Hereford Pigs
As raising beef is a true investment of time we may fatten other breeds until our own herd is large enough to begin producing market beef. All beef will still be raised to our standard.
Irish Dexter Cows