Mad Swiss Farms

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 Premium Meat Available
Price per lb
Average Weight
Whole Chicken
5 lbs 
Whole Turkey
8-15 lbs 
Whole Pig(cut & wrapped)
$350 Each + Abattoir fees
175 lbs 
Half Pig(cut & wrapped)
$175 per side + Abattoir fees 
85 lbs 
Pork Specialty Cuts:
-Pork Chops -Pork Roast-Bacon(cured & smoked)-Ham, roast or steaks(cured)
-Smoked Hocks-Ribs-Smokie Sausage(pkg of 4)
Whole pig/Half pig prices have changed for 2015. We no longer charge per pound cut and wrapped. It is to your advantage to pay a flat rate and the processing fees. The average cost per pound drops to about $3.75 depending on how you want your meat processed. We bring the animal to the abattoir and you are responsible for picking up the finished product.
Chicken & Turkey price include meat inspection and processing at a licensed abattoir. We currently use Highgate Tender Meats, Inc. Prices may fluctuate slightly as we cannot control the costs of processing. Once a reservation is placed, your price is locked in and will not change. Prices for pork include cured and smoked if applicable.
Pork Sampler
3lbs Pork Chops
3lbs Bacon
3 lbs Smokies Sausage
1 lb Ham Steak
*Beef will be available in 2015.
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